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First-in-Class GI Cancer Therapies.
Transforming Tomorrow's Care Today.

Why focus on Gastro-Intestinal Cancer?

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Our research into a new target receptor in oncology is focused on its development as a first-in-class ADC (antibody drug conjugate) target in GI cancers. Our fully humanized antibody binds to tumor cells selectively, and healthy tissue is not affected. 

The new target receptor was discovered through analyses of a large tumor bank.

ADC development work is currently ongoing.

Ymmunobio is in pre-clinical development focusing on GI cancers mainly with their platform supporting:

First in Class ADC Candidate YB-800ADC: indications in Solid Tumors.

Bi-Specific Candidate YB-800BS1 and YB-800BS2: indications in Solid Tumors.

Radio-labeled Candidate YB-800R1: indications in Solid Tumor

Radio-labeled Candidate YB-800R2: diagnostic tool to identify primary tumor and its


YB-800 Development Timelines

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