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Swiss Biotech Day 2023

Apr 24, 2023

Ymmunobio team represents Ymmunobio for Swiss Biotech Day 2023

We traveled to Basel, Switzerland for Swiss Biotech Day 2023, where CEO Katrin Rupalla, PhD, and Chief Business Officer Angela S. Gibbs connected with high-level experts, thought leaders, and innovators in life sciences.

There was a lot to discuss about the latest developments in Biotech and our novel CEACAM1 immune agonistic antibodies and first-in-class NPTXR antibodies.

Dr. Rupalla and Angela were happy to be able to connect with Eylem Demir Sentürk, who is the Founder & CEO of Women on Stage®. She shared that as part of our “Sponsoring Women” Career acceleration program, Angela S. Gibbs had been matched with Katrin Rupalla CEO of Ymmunobio who became her Career Sponsor. Out of this collaboration, Katrin hired Angela as the Chief Business Officer of Ymmunobio.

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