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Our Difference is the Science
Fueling Our Pipeline

The scientists of Ymmunobio are innovating cancer treatment with novel therapeutic antibodies. Our novel CEACAM1 antibody not only acts as a checkpoint inhibitor but also as an immune agonist, stimulating B- and T-cells to fight cancer.

Our first-in-class YB-800 antibody directly targets various cancers overexpressing NPTXR so that health tissue is not affected.



Our fully humanized anti CEACAM1 antibody targets cell-to-cell communication, in order to promote an increase in efficiency of the immune response to tumor cells.

Our dual action lead asset overcomes resistance by directly co-stimulating immune cells. We were able to demonstrate proof of concept in a syngeneic Hepa 1-6 mouse model.


YB-200 shows tumor reduction effects in immune sensitive and immune resistant Hepa 1-6 models:

Immune resistant Hepa 1-6 Model:

Checkpoint inhibitors show no effect

YB-200 snip 2.png
Immune sensitive Hepa 1-6 Model: Comparison with checkpoint inhibitor
YB-20 blue 0.png
Janicot M et al. 2022, J Immunotherapy  of Cancer (Suppl 2) A1436

Along with instigating cell-to-cell communication, the antibody can also act as a checkpoint inhibitor disrupting the interaction of CEACAM1 on tumor and immune cells. The lead indication for YB-200 is Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC).


The FDA has granted YB-200 Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) for the treatment of HCC. 



Our research into Neuronal Pentraxin Receptors (NPTXR) is focused on its development as a first-in-class monoclonal antibody against tumor markers in GI cancers. The antibody binds to tumor cells selectively, and healthy tissue is not affected. 

Our first–in-class antibody for gastrointestinal tumors is a new target that was discovered through analyses of a large tumor bank.


Lead optimization work is currently ongoing.

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