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  • Dr. Katrin Rupalla

Ymmunobio AG founded on September 7th, 2021 in Basel, Switzerland

Ymmunobio AG, a preclinical stage oncology biotech company, was founded by Dr. Katrin Rupalla based on an exclusive license to develop and commercialize the proprietary CEACAM* antibody platform of LeukoCom GmbH, Germany. The proprietary platform is based on the leading research of Dr. Bernhard B. Singer, University Essen/Duisburg, Germany, of CEACAM as a novel immune oncology target based on its role in the immune response and cancer etiology. Dr. Singer is the lead scientist of Ymmunobio AG and member of the management team.

*Carcinoembryonic Antigen-related Cell Adhesion Molecules (short CEACAM)

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