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Immune Cell Mediator Platform

Ymmunobio is developing a novel class of CEACAM1* immune agonistic antibodies. These antibodies have a direct co-stimulatory effect on immune cells in addition to interfering with the CEACAM1-CEACAM mediated check-point blockade. We are utilizing our proprietary platform to employ the immune system to improve outcome for cancer patients.

*Carcinoembryonic  Antigen-related Cell Adhesion Molecules

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Our Team

We have assembled a world-class team, including one of the most renowned scientific leaders in the field of CEACAM research, Dr. Bernhard B. Singer, and the seasoned drug development expert Dr. Katrin Rupalla. Our distinguished scientific and clinical oncology advisors include Prof. Dr. Iris Helfrich, Dr. Bruno Osterwalder and Prof. Dr. Keith Skubitz.

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Board of Directors

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Dr. Juergen Heitmann



Chairman of the Board

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Our Science

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of the adaptive and innate immune system to fight cancer. We are targeting defined CEACAM1 receptor isoforms playing a major role in the immune response and cancer cell evolution.


Our science is based on the leading research of Dr. B.B. Singer over the last 25 years with regard to the role of CEACAM1 in the immune system.

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Key publications


1st paper on CEACAM1 effect on activation of immune cells (T cells)

2003 - 2005

Scientific consolidation of role of CEACAM1 in immune cell communication

2008 - 2017

Key Nature publications on critical role of  CEACAM1 and related antibodies in immune system


Role of CEACAM1 in tumor pathophysiology

2018 - 2021

Role of CEACAM1 in melanoma & first proof of concept of anti-tumor activity of anti-CEACAM 1/3/5 in vivo

Our Pipeline

Our pipeline consists of several generations of immune agonistic antibodies targeting CEACAM1.

Two proprietary antibodies of our platform currently in preclinical development are:

2nd Generation

YB-200 is a first-in-class anti-human CEACAM1/5 immune agonistic antibody that has shown in multiple preclinical models an anti-tumor activity and direct co-stimulatory effect on immune cells in addition to interfering with the CEACAM1-CEACAM mediated check-point blockade.


3rd Generation

The third generation anti-human CEACAM1antibody, YB-300, is enhancing the co-stimulatory effect in combination with YB-200.

4th Generation

The fourth generation is currently under development

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