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Ymmunobio AG announces appointment of Dr. Keith Skubitz

Dr. Skubitz, Professor for Hematology & Oncology, University of Minnesota, joins Ymmunobio as scientific advisor for development of CEACAM antibodies,

RIEHEN, SWITZERLAND, January 17, 2022 ─ Ymmunobio AG, a preclinical stage biotech company specializing in the development of CEACAM antibodies as anti-cancer treatments, today announced the appointment of Dr. Keith Skubitz as a scientific advisor. Dr. Skubitz’s appointment reinforces the company’s strategy to employ the immune system to develop cancer therapies.

Keith Skubitz, MD, professor of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation at the University of Minnesota, has directed multiple clinical trials and has extensive experience in the clinical management of sarcomas. His research interests are focused on three main areas: the biology and treatment of sarcomas; drug development; and immunology, including the biology of the CEACAM family.

“I’m excited to join Ymmunobio as a scientific advisor,” said Dr. Skubitz. “I look forward to leveraging Ymmunobio’s proprietary platform to deploy the unique functioning of CEACAM antibodies in the immune system and develop them as a novel treatment for cancer.”

Dr. Skubitz was heavily involved in the Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen Workshops related to CEACAMs. He coordinated the CD15, CD66, and CD67 groups, where he made several important observations. Dr. Skubitz has published 157 manuscripts and 33 book chapters.


Ymmunobio AG, a preclinical stage oncology biotech company developing a proprietary class of CEACAM1 antibodies to increase the efficiency of the adaptive and innate immune system to fight cancer. Ymmunobio’s research targets the CEACAM receptors that play a major role in the immune response and cancer cell evolution. The company’s proprietary platform is based on the leading research of Dr. Bernhard B. Singer, University Essen/Duisburg, Germany.


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